daily.dev changelog
daily.dev changelog

Weekly Goal 2.0 (+ new ranks) 🏆




Weekly reading goal.png

As part of DailyFest (our first internal hackathon), we worked hard to ship an entire new gamification experience! We call it Weekly Goal 2.0

What's new in Weekly Goal 2.0?

  1. We have new ranks! More information below
  2. There's a new reading progress per tag feature that allows you to better understand what have you been reading this week
  3. Revamped UX that makes it easier to understand your progress

New Ranks.png

Introducing new ranks!

The ranks also got a facelift with the following updates:

  • New "Starter" rank given for the first reading day
  • New "Legendary" rank given for the seventh reading day
  • We refactored up all your past ranks to fir the new ranks (so if you had Silvers, they are now turned to Gold… so on so forth)
  • All-new design for the rank badges 🤩