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daily.dev changelog

Shareable bookmarks 🍻




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Introducing a new option to automatically share your daily.dev bookmarks with other developers! With the new shareable bookmarks feature, you can get a public RSS feed of your personal bookmark. Using this link, you are able to share the content you love with others you care about.

How to activate this feature?

  1. Go to your Bookmarks page using the sidebar or click here
  2. Switch to public mode
  3. Integrate your RSS feed with other apps you love (see below)

Integrate your bookmarks with apps you love

With your personal RSS feed, your can push every new bookmark to another app. That's an awesome way to share valuable content with other people! Here are some ideas:

  • Add your bookmarks to your GitHub profile
  • Integrate your bookmarks to a Slack/Discord channel
  • Automatically tweet new bookmarks