daily.dev changelog
daily.dev changelog

New Toasts! 🍞




final export op-1.gif

We wanted to improve the notifications you receive when an action is successful, fails etc.

So we created some new toast notifications on daily.dev!

Not only that, our new toasts also have a (not so well kept) secret!

If you head over to "Customize" in the menu on daily.dev, at the bottom you will see an option "Automatically dismiss notifications".

Turning this off gives you as much time as you need to undo an action, redo an action, see whether your comment was sent successfully etc!

screenshot of daily.dev customize menu, highlighting the final option "automatically dismiss notifications"

We think our new notifications look pretty slick and improve the UX of our site and app massively! Let us know what you think!

(I was going to add a joke about butter on toast here, but I didn't want you to spread it!)