daily.dev changelog
daily.dev changelog

Customizing your feed just levelled up!




text: "Make the feed your feed", row of developer related topics that are greyed out with 3 that are selected, indicated by a purple background

Getting the most out of daily.dev just got a whole lot easier!

With our new feed-filters set-up / onboarding screens it is now super easy for new users (and people who haven't created a daily.dev account yet) to personalize their feed and supercharge their reading!

Choose your topics, set some preferences and away you go!

Why? Well a personalized feed results in articles that are tailored to your interests, and results in reading 2-3 times as many articles a week!

We want our community to consume all the high-quality (and relevant) content they can each week so they can stay up to date or even ahead of the curve!

That is why we have invested the time in improving our onboarding / feed setup, so it is far easier to make the feed, your feed.

Note: If you want more information on how to personalize the feed to your interests, check out the filters documentation