daily.dev changelog
daily.dev changelog

Profile tooltip 👀




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Faces everywhere!

With the new profile tooltip, you can glimpse others' bio, rank, and what they love to read on daily.dev 👀

Go try it out :)

  1. Go to a discussion of your choice or to this one
  2. Hover on one of the profile pictures
  3. See it in action 🎉

Markdown support 🌈




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Guess what? We are supporting markdown! A new era for daily.dev discussions are just around the corner. We can't wait to see how you unleash your creativity 🦄

We got so excited that we made the changelog post in our markdown-supported comments:

Screen Shot 2021-12-01 at 15.01.52.png

So what do you think?

Reading history 🗞




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Given the new version of the feed algorithm, articles that were read might disappear fast. The feed algorithm is designed that way to allow for fresh content to surface up. However, the downside is that we might not find content that we have already read.

With the new reading history, you'll be able to access all of those articles that you read. One less thing to worry about, your reading history is in good hands, and you can access it any time 😄

Find it here

  1. Go to https://app.daily.dev/history
  2. Click on your profile -> Choose "Reading history"

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Add time zone 🌍




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Following user feedback we got from the community, we decided to add a new time zone field in your account details. With the new time zone, you can:

  • Sync your weekly goal cycles
  • Sync your reading activity and other time-based achievements on your profile
  • Be cooler than anyone else on the platform (just kidding) 😄

How to add your time zone

  1. Click on your profile
  2. Choose "Account details"
  3. Scroll down and select your time zone in the relevant field

docs.daily.dev 🤩




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After long weeks of hard work, it's finally here!

The official daily.dev product docs: https://docs.daily.dev 📄


For a long time, we've been busy shipping new features to daily.dev. The problem is that by now, it's pretty tricky to understand what our platform has to offer.

We did write tutorials and guides in the past, but they are all scattered in a bunch of different places. Therefore, the only thing that made sense was to centralize all the guides and tutorials in one place -- our official docs!

The link one more time 😅


Special shout out to Francesco Ciulla for shipping his first project as a member of the daily.dev team 🥳

Revamped feed filtering options 🚀


Major Announcement


Cover - 1200.jpg

It's live! We have completely redesigned the way filtering works 🤯

What's new?

With the new filtering options, you'll be able to:

  • Follow an entire category of tags. Interested in Webdev? DevOps? Backend? Mobile? We got you covered in just one click!
  • Apply advanced filters like removing content coming from newsletters, non-editorial sources, showcase sites, product launches, and tech magazines
  • Manage your blocked sources tags in one place

Try it out by opening the left sidebar 👇

Screen Shot 2021-11-09 at 18.32.43.png


Hope you'll like it! Let us know what you think by submitting your feedback.

Apply filters directly from cards 🏷




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Wondered why we were quiet lately? That's because we are about to ship some massive stuff! Starting with this new context menu that allows you to:

  • Hide a card
  • Share an article
  • Block tags
  • Block sources
  • Report (with a whole new UX inside)

Try it now by clicking on the "Options" button on the card.

p.s this feature is available in list view as well 😉

Holiday-themed DevCards 🎃 🎄




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The holiday season is just around the corner! We thought to make you all a small surprise with limited edition DevCards 🎉 Hurry up to grab yours 👀

Oh, and one last thing. We're celebrating daily.dev's 4th birthday! So we have ANOTHER surprise waiting just for you inside 😉

Generate now

Introducing daily.dev algorithm v2.0 ⚡️


Major Announcement


Shipping updates to our feed algorithm is always exciting, but today, we're announcing a major release! 🥁

We completely revamped the algorithm, writing it from scratch with all the lessons learned throughout the years of building daily.dev.

What should you expect? 🤔

  • High-quality content. The new algorithm surfaces high-quality content even if it means it needs to look a few days back.
  • Diverse content. You will see more topics and publications that you haven't seen before on your feed.
  • Updated constantly. Every few minutes, you will get a new feed tailored for you to enjoy high-quality content throughout the day.

I dunno, my feed looks the same

That makes sense! We're rolling this update gradually, but if you really can't wait, find us on Twitter. 😎

Search bookmarks 🔎




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You asked we listened 👂 Some of you have been accumulating many bookmarked articles and were looking for ways to search them. With the new search field on the bookmarks page, you'll be able to find bookmarks faster than ever before 🚀

👉 Give it a try here: https://app.daily.dev/bookmarks