daily.dev changelog
daily.dev changelog

The Companion Widget is here! 🤯




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Major Announcement


daily.dev has just added a new feature that will change the way you discuss things forever!

Let me introduce you to the companion widget!

The companion allows you to upvote, comment on and bookmark articles…all while on the article itself!

No more switching back to daily.dev to leave a comment or an upvote, just look to the side of your page, and if daily.dev has the page in its feed the companion widget will be there!

Watch this quick 2 minute video explaining how to activate the companion widget, and what new superpowers it unlocks!

Want to try it out?

You can find full instructions on how to activate the companion in the daily.dev docs.

If you want to get started quickly, go to the daily.dev extension, look at the top right of the screen and you should see a purple button. Click that button and follow the instructions to enable the companion!

Once you have activated the companion, it will redirect you to a page introducing all of the features of the companion.

On the page you are redirected to you can try out the companion widget and leave a comment letting us know what you think of our shiny new feature if you want!

Article Modal




Article Modal.png

Something new just "popped up" at daily.dev!

When you click on a card in one of the feeds to comment, we will now show you our new article modal, instead of a new page!

This makes using our app even quicker.

But wait…there is more!

We have introduced next and previous article buttons, coupled with left and right arrow key navigation! (or j and k)

We also made the UI far more intuitive with a nice big "read article" button once you have read the TLDR, comments etc. and decide this article is worth a read!

Faster, easier to use and prettier! 🤩

Reputation update! 🌟




"Reputation Updated" Ido Shamun in a dark card with a pink border, card contains text "Reputation 1379"

They say reputation is everything…and we couldn't agree more!

That is why we have overhauled our reputation points system to encourage more contributions and interaction from our community!

All of your hard-earned reputation points will be recalculated to match our new scoring and we even introduced a couple of new ways to earn those much coveted reputation points on daily.dev!

Find out what has changed and the new scoring in the daily.dev docs!

Preview your comments 🔎




"Comment Preview" and a card showing a comment preview of doctor house with thumbs up saying "seriously…. that's amazing"

Whether it is some kind words, a witty response or a masterful meme, you can now ensure that your markdown displays as expected in comments on daily.dev. 🔥

When writing a comment you will now see two tabs, a "write" tab and a "preview" tab, write in the "write" tab and then select the "preview" tab to make sure your well crafted response displays correctly before posting!

@Mention other people 💬




"@mention other people" with a drop-down showing 3 users. Dark background with purple bubbles

Keeping track of conversations between multiple people just got a whole lot easier! 🎉

Now you can @mention people in the comments on daily.dev!

Use it to keep the conversation going on interesting articles, or tag people to share articles with people you know that they may find interesting!

Simply type the "@" symbol and start typing!

Reading history, upgraded!




Reading history upgraded.png

We know you all love the reading history page, so we decided to spice it up a little more!

On the new reading history page, you are now able to:

  1. Bookmark a post
  2. Get a shareable link (or natively share, if you're using it on mobile)
  3. View the number of updates and reading time

Try it here

Top tags by reading days 🍍




Upgraded personal stats.png

The profile got a facelift

In this new version, we added a bunch of new stats to your daily.dev profile!

  • The new ranks are now presented on your front page in all glory. Yes, you can brag to your friends about it 😉
  • We added a new section called "Top tags by reading days." This new section sheds more light on what people love to read. Consistently reading pays off, keep up the good work 🚀

Weekly Goal 2.0 (+ new ranks) 🏆




Weekly reading goal.png

As part of DailyFest (our first internal hackathon), we worked hard to ship an entire new gamification experience! We call it Weekly Goal 2.0

What's new in Weekly Goal 2.0?

  1. We have new ranks! More information below
  2. There's a new reading progress per tag feature that allows you to better understand what have you been reading this week
  3. Revamped UX that makes it easier to understand your progress

New Ranks.png

Introducing new ranks!

The ranks also got a facelift with the following updates:

  • New "Starter" rank given for the first reading day
  • New "Legendary" rank given for the seventh reading day
  • We refactored up all your past ranks to fir the new ranks (so if you had Silvers, they are now turned to Gold… so on so forth)
  • All-new design for the rank badges 🤩

Search reading history 🦴




Search reading history.png

We shipped some cool improvements for everyone who loved to dig in their reading history. With the new search bar your can find good old articles on your reading history whenever you want!

Try it now: https://app.daily.dev/history

Shareable bookmarks 🍻




Shareable bookmarks.png

Introducing a new option to automatically share your daily.dev bookmarks with other developers! With the new shareable bookmarks feature, you can get a public RSS feed of your personal bookmark. Using this link, you are able to share the content you love with others you care about.

How to activate this feature?

  1. Go to your Bookmarks page using the sidebar or click here
  2. Switch to public mode
  3. Integrate your RSS feed with other apps you love (see below)

Integrate your bookmarks with apps you love

With your personal RSS feed, your can push every new bookmark to another app. That's an awesome way to share valuable content with other people! Here are some ideas:

  • Add your bookmarks to your GitHub profile
  • Integrate your bookmarks to a Slack/Discord channel
  • Automatically tweet new bookmarks