daily.dev changelog
daily.dev changelog

Block tags from your feed 🙅








What's new?

Today we're announcing a long-requested feature, "Blocked Tags". 🥳 Until now you could choose what tags to follow but now you can decide which tags you would like to remove completely from your feed. Just open your sidebar and enjoy filtering and customizing your daily.dev feed.

The new feature is already available on our web app, android app, and extension (v3.5.0).

For more information check:

daily.dev Android app 📱





daily.dev - Google Play.png

We're live on Google Play!

This announcement speaks for itself! We have an Android app available for you to download on Google Play!

Geek corner

It was super easy to turn our PWA into an Android app, thanks to the new Trusted Web Activity. Thumbs up to the people at Google!

Download link

Get it: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=dev.daily

#DevCard 🤩





screenshot 1 copy 8.jpg

Show off how many articles you've read, your top read topics and your favorite publications!

Share your DevCard using the hashtag #DevCard

Generate your #DevCard herehttps://app.daily.dev/devcard

Match theme to the browser's color scheme 🎨





choose theme

There is a new setting in town! Now you can set your theme to match your browser's color scheme. All you have to do is open the settings panel and choose the "Auto" theme. If you have a daily.dev account, the new setting will be automatically synced to all your devices.

We are excited because the community requested this feature through our GitHub repo (here's the issue. And was also contributed by the community! Here's the PR. Thank you all for contributing and making this product and community better. 🙏

The new feature is available in our web app and extension v3.2.0. Make sure to update your extension to the latest version.

Table of contents 🤟





screenshot 1 copy 4.jpg

What's new?

Today we're releasing the first feature in a series of new stuff aiming to make staying up to date more delightful than ever. That is why we are adding a table of contents for every article.

How can it make your life easier?

  • Make smarter choices effortlessly. Many of you expressed that you want to know what the article is about before reading it. Using the table of contents feature you can get much more context before deciding if you want to read an article.
  • Find exactly what you need. For the first time, you can navigate to a specific section in an article instead of going through everything directly from daily.dev.
  • Get TLDR for listicles. Get a TLDR for listicles without having to scroll through the entire article. Lists such as "10 x best practices for y" will now be visible in the table of contents section so you can get the bottom line faster than ever before.

How can I see the table of contents?

When you're in the feed, to view the table of contents of an article, click on the comment button. It will open the article's page in daily.dev where you can see the table of contents and much more.

Live demo

🥑 Try it yourself with an article for example

Announcing daily.dev 3.0 🦄


Major Announcement



daily.dev - 3.0 (1).png

Version 3.0 has finally arrived! It's a result of countless hours we spent listening to our community across every possible type of media. So first, we want to send a massive shoutout to everyone who helped us get here! Let's see what's new 👀

Web App 🤯

We welcome a new fully responsive web app to our product suite of daily.dev! If you still haven't seen it, make sure to check out the release notes and visit our Product Hunt page.

Unified codebase 👨‍💻

We now have a unified codebase for both the browser extension and the new mobile-friendly web app! That means we'll be able to deliver new features faster than ever before.

Redesign 🎨

The browser extension is getting a serious revamp with a brand new UI. The new design aims to improve accessibility and make it easier to use daily.dev on both desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Performance 🏎

We're happy to say that daily.dev 3.0 is the fastest version we have ever created! Our team has been working hard to support low-end devices so that everyone worldwide will easily access our feed. That meant making the app 3.4x leaner (1.6x smaller when compressed) and minimizing the amount of information we load. The result is mind-blowing.

Synced settings 🔗

Now that we support multiple platforms, you can also sync your settings across all of them by simply signing in. If you haven't created an account yet, that's a great opportunity to do so and enjoy a bunch of features available only for registered users like:

  • Upvotes
  • Filters and feed customizations
  • Comments
  • Bookmarks

See you again at 4.0 (or before) 🚀

We have so many good things planned for you! In the coming weeks, we will ship a new set of features and improvements. We plan to focus mostly on:

  • Improving content quality
  • Easy and simple way to personalize your feed
  • More ways to earn reputation and badges

Need help?

If you encountered any issue with syncing your settings into your new or existing account, please contact us at support@daily.dev or open an issue on our GitHub.

daily.dev mobile-friendly web app is here 🔥




Major Announcement



Hi there busy developer! Today we are launching a mobile-friendly web app of daily.dev (check it out - app.daily.dev)! Our team has worked hard on this to help our developer community stay updated wherever they want.


  • Mobile-friendly PWA
  • Fully responsive
  • New redesigned UI


We're on Product Hunt today so make sure to show us your love: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/daily-dev-2


Edit comment ✏️





As we see more and more people starting new discussions and joining existing ones we decided to make some improvements. Starting with the most requested feature -- edit comment!

screenshot 1 copy 2.jpg

New reporting options 🚩





Community moderation plays an important role in maintaining content quality. Today, we've added a bunch of new reporting options. From now on, you can submit the following reports:

  • 🔗 Broken link
  • 🎣 Clickbait
  • 💩 Low-quality content
  • 🔞 NSFW
  • 👀 Or simply hide the post

This improvement is available from version 2.32.0

Reading martix 🔭





We're pushing the limits of users' activity stats one step further today with a new GitHub-like reading matrix! What are you waiting for? Visit your profile to check your stats 👀

Screen Shot 2021-05-04 at 16.17.25.png